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Bayanihan — Being a Hero For One Another

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On behalf of the Aurora Asian/Pacific Community Partnership, Co-Chairs Duane Wong and Andrea Amonick, and all the members of the Steering Committee, our hearts are grieved by the loss of life, family, friends, homes and businesses in the Philippines.  We commit our prayers and support to Filipinos around the world and the recovery efforts. Our Friends within the local Filipino community have been deeply affected by Typhoon Haiyan, yet, there is much comfort extended by the outpouring of support from the community – people such as yourselves.  Here are links to two upcoming events in December:  December 11th and December 15th — the National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA) and the Philippine-American Society of Colorado (PASCO).  Please mark your calendars and more information will be forthcoming.  PASCO was also featured in a recent Denver Post/YourHub Aurora article: “PASCO Looks to Aid Typhoon Haiyan Survivors” by Megan Mitchell, as well as several photos of PASCO’s Folk Arts Dance Repertoire rehearsal. Below is an eloquent pouring forth from the heart of one from the Visayas, Joan Cybil Yao, who “Needs to tell you” about the destruction in the Philippines from Typhoon Haiyan—and the generous support from all over the world: I Need To Tell You… Joan Cybil Yao November 13, 2013 at 5:17pm I need to tell you: The typhoon was worse than any of us could ever have imagined. The Philippines receives 20+ typhoons every year; floods, landslides and partly-blown off roofs are par for the course. Believe me when I say we have never before seen the likes of Yolanda / Haiyan. I need to tell you: Everyday, I read the news and reports from the field, thinking we’ve reached the bottom of suffering and despair, only to find new depths. Just when I think my heart can’t break any further from the stories of loss and tragedy, something new turns up to break it all over again. I need to tell you about the bodies decomposing on tree branches, under piles of rubble from collapsed houses, in churches, on the sides of roads, wrapped in blankets or straw mats. I need to tell you that the news cameras cannot show their faces – features frozen in fear as they died. I need to tell you about the storm surge – the 6-meter wall of water that rose out of the sea, rushed several kilometers inland and crashed over every building and house by the coastline. You need to understand that our nation is made up of 7,107 islands; nearly everything is by the coastline. I need to tell you how the storm surge swept in and out four times during the typhoon. Imagine the tremendous force of the sea, surging forward, crushing walls and foundations – and then that same force, sucking everything back in with it. I need to tell you how children were pulled from their mothers’ arms; how people clung desperately to rooftops or tree branches as friends and neighbors sped by, drowning or screaming for help; how today, bodies are still washing up on shore. I need to tell you about the woman who had to bury 9 of her family members after the typhoon; about the man who lost 30 of his family members to the storm; about the husband and wife who lost their three daughters, and have only located the bodies of 2. I need to tell you about the man who told his wife to stay in their house because it would be safer there. He found her body after the waters had subsided, embracing their dead son with one hand and...

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Friends Harry B. Esq. and Dr. Yrastorza Honored

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Asian Avenue magazine features honorees Attorney Harry Budisidharta and Dr. Jaime Yrastorza in the November issue.  Links to their profiles follow.  Congratulations! Harry B. received APABA’s 2012 Governor Ralph Carr Service Award  (among other awards).  He was born in Indonesia, is a Partner with The Denver Firm, and is President of the Mile High JACL.  “…I am passionate about helping out the refugee population, he says.”  Attorney Harry Budisidharta’s profile… Dr. Yrastorza received Uplift Internationale’s Lifetime Achievement Award.  He is Founder and President-Emeritus of Uplift Internationale, now celebrating 25 years of mending cleft lips/palates of children in the Philippines at no cost.  He attended the most recent meeting of the Partnership, describing the upcoming missions trip.  Dr. Jamie Yrastorza’s...

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CCUSC Holds Two Forums in November

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 Center for China United States Cooperation holds two forums: Simon Schuchat, former U.S. Deputy Consulate General in Shanghai, will be the Jackson/Ho China Forum guest lunch speaker on Friday, November 8 from 12:00-1:30 pm in Room 150 of Ben Cherrington Hall. He will discuss “Alliance Management and U.S.-China Relations.” Pizza will be served.  Simon Schuchat is a recently retired U.S. Foreign Service Officer with three decades of experience in East Asia and the former Soviet Union, including service in Beijing, Shanghai, Moscow, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Washington DC.  He holds degrees from the University of Chicago, Yale University, Harvard University, and the Industrial College of the Armed Forces at the National Defense University.  He is fluent in Mandarin and has a working knowledge of Japanese and Russian. Please RSVP online at  If you have any questions about other CCUSC programs, please contact Ms. Dana Lewis at 303-871-4474 or  You may also contact Suisheng (Sam) Zhao, Director, at or 303.871.2401. = = = = = = = John Capowski, Professor of Law Emeritus at Widener University, will be the Jackson/Ho China Forum speaker on Wednesday, November 13 from 12:00-1:30 pm in Room 301 of Ben Cherrington Hall. He will discuss “An Unexpected Harmony:  Common Law Principles and China’s Judicial Reform Effort.” Sandwiches will be served. John Capowski is a visiting professor at Denver University’s Sturm College of Law and Professor of Law Emeritus at Widener University.  He has his Doctor of Law from the Cornell Law School. He has written in the areas of administrative law, evidence, lawyering skills, public benefits, and public interest law and taught courses including evidence, civil procedure, and comparative law.  He has directed Widener’s international programs in Venice and Sydney and also taught in its Geneva program. Since 2007 he has made several trips to Beijing to participate in the China’s International Symposia on Evidence, which have focused on the China’s judicial reform effort.  Articles he has presented there have been translated into Mandarin and published in two of China’s leading law journals. Please RSVP online at no later than November12.  If you have any questions about other CCUSC programs, please contact Ms. Dana Lewis at 303-871-4474 or  You may also contact Suisheng (Sam) Zhao, Director, at or...

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“Destination Health” a Success!

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“Destination Health” — a fun and informative event today with great speakers!  The Aurora Asian/Pacific Community Partnership was a proud sponsor in-part of the event.  After discussing the importance of healthcare with Board member and Immediate Past Co-Chair Peter Lee for several months, it was time to learn from the experts about the Affordable Care Act, wellness and prevention, trends and technology in healthcare and hospitals, and what it all means for small businesses and individuals!  Many thanks to the Aurora Chamber for putting forth all the effort to educate your members!  ...

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