The Power of Community

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036“The Power of Community”  – Gamelan Tunas Mekar

Documenting 25 years of an American gamelan Life music and dance of BALI within a Colorado urban backdrop.

>> A cross-generational endeavor featuring Artist-in-Residence I Made Lasmawan and Balinese dancer Ni Ketut Marni

>> Discovering how to ‘pass the torch’ to a new generation of musicians and leaders.

>> See for the “Power of Community” campaign or Http://

The #powerofcommunity rests on the back of a turtle.  Sea turtles symbolize the foundation of the world, according to Balinese Hindus. Support for sea turtle nest protection is a growing concern in Bali.  This photo is of a Balinese instrument, the ‘ceng-ceng’, part of Denver-based #gamelan Tunas Mekar. The ‘ceng-ceng’ supports the rhythm of the orchestra with the ‘chattering’ of small cymbals–the world can be rather noisy!